Privates 1.0

Humorous sex education game


  • Funny dialogue
  • Well designed graphcis
  • Educational


  • Gross?
  • Training level is too easy

Very good

Privates is a platform shoot 'em up that aims to teach young people about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Play as Captain Sterling and his squad, journeying through female sexual organs, fighting off diseases with their armory of weapons.

While there is nothing anatomically accurate about this unusual platform game, the educational information in Privates is both clear and correct. Like its humor, the information is blunt and direct, so be warned if you are uncomfortable about sex education.

The game itself is graphically impressive, with funny voice-acted characters and a reasonable degree of difficulty. There are five levels to Privates, and they offer a lot of game for free. The controls are pretty good, and having four different weapons to roll through depending on the disease you're facing works well.

Privates is a well made platform shoot 'em up, with plenty of educational value that never feels like a lecture. The setting and subject may in themselves be enough to put some people off.



Privates 1.0

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